Del. court reverses suppression of drug evidence

By Randall Chase, The Associated Pr 5:44pm, February 6, 2013
The state Supreme Court has overturned a judge's ruling suppressing drug evidence against a man who beat an earlier drug rap after police illegally placed a tracking device on his car.

The justices this week reversed a Superior Court ruling that a warrant police used to search Michael Holden's Newark home was invalid because police had failed to establish probable cause that Holden was dealing drugs from the home.

The Supreme Court said a police affidavit, based on tips from two confidential informants, established sufficient probable cause for a magistrate to issue the search warrant.

In 2010, the same judge threw out drug evidence against Holden after police placed a GPS device on his car without a search warrant, then tracked his movements 24 hours a day for three weeks.

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