Blizzard in Boston, minor nor'easter here

By Amy Cherry 4:27pm, February 7, 2013 - Updated 6:42pm, February 7, 2013
Graphic courtesy of AccuWeather
What's a blizzard in Boston will be a minor nor'easter here.

AccuWeather meteorologist Jack Boston tells us tomorrow will be a rainy day, and then tomorrow night, the cold air comes in, changing the rain to snow.

"And it will also start to get windy as that storm along the coast takes over the energy and starts to really intensify, it'll get windy, and the snow will come down maybe pretty good here for maybe an hour or two, so I only expect it to accumulate a coating to an inch or two," says Boston.

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Our neighbors to the north, not so lucky.

"You know New York City may actually pick up 6-12 inches, not too far away from us, and Boston, how about one to two feet of snow? They can have it right?" laughs Boston.

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Boston says this nor'easter isn't typical, and we shouldn't see much damage in Sussex.

"Once the thing really gets crankin' the wind's going to already be more out of the north, and the eventually out of the northwest, so that's offshore wind, and when it really gets windy, the wind will really be from a direction such that it really doesn't have too much effect on the beaches," says Boston.

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A winter weather advisory goes into effect at 5pm tomorrow lasting until 6am Saturday.

Meanwhile, DelDOT crews are at the ready in advance of this weather event.

The storm is expected to begin as rain, so there will be no pre-treating of roadways.

In the meantime, crews are inspecting and servicing equipment that's been used in recent days.

That way crews will be ready to roll once the rain switches over to snow.

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