Mayor Williams talks changes to courthouse security

By Mellany Armstrong 1:40pm, February 12, 2013 - Updated 2:02pm, February 12, 2013
Mayor Williams (WDEL file)
Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams says changes are needed at the New Castle County Courthouse to increase safety following Monday's shooting.

"One of the things at the courthouse that we may possibly have to do. As a legislator, I'm the one that put money in to expand the metal detectors section and put more officers there. We may have to move that area further closer to the entrance of the door so if we have a situation like that again, the shooter will be stopped, probably, within five to six feet from the entrance before he can get into the courtroom and get past the metal detectors. And God forbid, if something happened like that again, the gun battle would start between the sidewalk and the front door," says Williams

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The mayor spoke on WDEL this morning as part of a new weekly segment in which he will join us each Tuesday morning in your 7:30 a.m. news to discuss city issues. Send your questions and concerns for the mayor to

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