Family of Delaware courthouse shooter apologizes

By Associated Press 12:06pm, February 15, 2013
The daughter of the man who killed his former daughter-in-law and another woman at a Delaware courthouse before killing himself says her family is "stunned and bewildered" by the shooting.

Amy Gonzalez said in an e-mailed statement Thursday that her family wants to "express our deepest sympathy for all of the victims and their families." In a six-sentence statement she said her family apologizes to the people of Delaware for the violent actions of her father, 68-year-old Thomas Matusiewicz of Texas.

Police say Matusiewicz on Monday walked into the lobby of a Wilmington courthouse and shot and killed former daughter-in-law Christine Belford and her friend Laura Mulford. Belford and Matusiewicz's son had been involved in a bitter, years-long custody battle and were at the courthouse for a child support hearing.

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