Del. court rules for former harness racing judge

By Randall Chase, The Associated Pr 12:04pm, February 19, 2013
The state's highest court has ordered the reinstatement of a $102,000 jury award to a former harness racing official who was acquitted on criminal charges of cheating.

The justices ruled last week that the state Harness Racing Commission reneged on a promise to reinstate Donald Harmon as a racing judge if he was acquitted on charges of altering a judging sheet in 2003 as a favor to a horse owner.

A jury agreed that the racing commission reneged on its promise to reinstate Harmon, but a trial court judge later ruled that Harmon's claim failed as a matter of law.

The Supreme Court overturned the judge's decision, saying Harmon's claim of a broken promise, which the jury accepted, subjected the racing commission to liability.

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