Police from beach areas visit high schools around Delmarva

By Mark Fowser, Chris Carl 1:26pm, February 21, 2013
Police in Delaware's beach communities are already preparing for the annual invasion of Junebugs.

Dewey Beach police are visiting high schools in Delaware and Maryland to talk to graduating seniors and their parents about "Senior Week" - when graduates descend on the beaches to celebrate their accomplishment.

Dewey Beach Police Sergeant Clifford Dempsey says the kids need to realize that they will be held accountable for their actions.

"This is real life," Dempsey says. "Their children are going to be coming to a town where they are going to be integrating with society."

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"They are not going to be ruled by college rules...RA's in the dorms. They are going to be living for a week in the public. And for a lot of these kids, it's the first time they've left home."

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Bethany Beach and Delaware State Police also participate in similar school seminars.

Topics include a review of town laws and juvenile arrests made in previous years.

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