Coons pitching Delaware in Africa

By Chris Carl 2:27pm, February 21, 2013
Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) (WDEL File)
Senator Coons is currently on a trade mission to Africa.

He tells WDEL News from Cape Town that he met with South African agriculture officials today.

"Folks who represent those who grow table grapes and citrus here, and who we are really hoping to persuade to expand their exports to the Port of Wilmington, which would create some new jobs in Wilmington for longshoremen and people who work at our port," Coons says.

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"We've also had some exciting conversations with leaders here in Cape Town in the legal sector, as I mentioned at the port, in the manufacturing sector and some policy leaders in the government about ways that we can send more products from Delaware and from the United States into the South African market," Coons says.

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The Delaware Democrat says Africa represents the greatest opportunity for economic growth in the coming decade.

"There is a growing middle class across this continent of hundreds of millions of people who are hungry for American products, who are eager to have American companies invest and grow there, and frankly right now the Chinese are taking advantage of that opportunity," Coons says.

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Coons says he's seen trade delegations from Brazil, Russia, India and China who are looking for trade opportunities in Africa.

Coons says he would hate to see the U.S. lose the opportunity to grow American jobs and exports.

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