Carper weighs in on cyberterrorism threat

By Amy Cherry 5:28pm, February 21, 2013
A new White House report reveals a growing threat: Chinese cyberterrorism.

Senator Carper says he fears it more than the threat posed by Iran.

"The threat to our nation continues to change, when I was in the Navy in the 70's, 80's, 90's, Communism was our big threat. Then terrorism was our big threat. I think for this decade as far as I can see, it's gonna be cyberterrorism. We have to learn to fight each one of those foes and we're learning to fight this one better and better," he says.

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He calls it one of the biggest threats to our economic recovery.

"They're trying to steal our intellectual property, they're trying to steal our inventions, our trade secrets and take those ideas and create products to compete with our own. Instead of actually investing the time and money in inventing things, they're just gonna cheat," he says.

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Carper says Washington has ramped up the rhetoric, but says the U.S. also needs a better offense that includes standards for best practices to protect intellectual property that promotes the sharing of information.

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