Hercules Building undergoes renovations

By Carl Kanefsky 5:33am, March 4, 2013 - Updated 6:28pm, March 4, 2013
Walking tour of stage one of renovations to the Hercules Building
A Wilmington landmark gets a facelift, as the one-time office of the future, plans for the next future.

WDEL's Carl Kanefsky explains.

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The Hercules Building, which has stood at 13th and Market Streets since 1982, and once considered state of the art, takes a big step into the future, positioning itself as a destination for tenants.

Paul McConnell, Managing Partner of the company that owns the building, hopes new amenities will draw new tenants, doing new styles of business.

With the ground floor of the building complete, the next phase gets rolling.

"We are setting aside space for the fitness center. We're setting aside space for the cafe, the fast food court, the conference centers. You couldn't even use this space, it was big open space. We've now filled this floor in so people can congregate, meet and create this sense of community," says McConnell.

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The timeline for completion of the entire project is three to five years, but McConnell says by that time, more changes will most likely be needed.

"Each tenant, if you think of a lease is anywhere from five to ten years, so during the course of that lease, every tenant will be moving, changing offices, recycling things, so it's a non-stop process," says McConnell.

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