Fugitive, twin brother arrested on firearm and drug charges

By Tom Lehman 9:59pm, March 8, 2013 - Updated 11:05pm, March 8, 2013
A fugitive and his twin brother are arrested by Wilmington police on drug and firearm charges.

Officers received information that Deric Forney, a probation absconder, and police say he was arrested on the 400 block of South Jackson Street around 10:10 p.m. Thursday night.

Police say Forney was in possession of a handgun, 96 bags of heroin, half a gram of marijuana, 8 alprazolam pills and more than $1,600 in cash.

Officers later searched Forney's residence, where police say they arrested his twin brother Eric Forney and three others, including Spurgen Knox, a convicted drug offender, Lisa Andersen and Amanda Green.

Police say two shotguns, a rifle and more than 36 grams of pot and $2,171 were seized at the residence.

Both Deric and Eric Forney, Knox, Andersen and Green are each awaiting arraignment.

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