Markell urges lawmakers to think of future in weekly address

By Tom Lehman 11:49pm, March 8, 2013
As state lawmakers prepare to reconvene in Dover next week, Gov. Markell says in his weekly address that the General Assembly should be focused on the longstanding effects of laws that might be passed during this legislative period.

Markell says that divisive topics like gun control and same-sex marriage may be the subject of debate on the floor, and lawmakers need to consider the longstanding effects of legislation on those issues.

"These issues are impacting us all, regardless of our age, background, or party affiliation and though we may never live in a perfect world, we strive to leave this world better than we found it," Markell says.

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Markell says lawmakers need to be aware that votes on issues like same-sex marriage and gun safety will have significant effects, especially on the state's youth.

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