Williams admits shock over Wilmington's small budget size

By Tom Lehman 5:21pm, March 22, 2013 - Updated 10:18am, March 23, 2013
Mayor Williams makes his FY 2014 budget proposal.
Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams says determining the size of his first budget was a somewhat surprising process.

"I'm truly stunned at Wilmington's financial situation, and then I sat down with my staff, and I found out how small the budget was, I almost fell out of the chair. I didn't know it was only in the 100 millions. I thought I had least had $700, $500 million to play with," admits Williams.

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Williams, who served as the as chairman of the state's Joint Finance Committee before being elected mayor, told WDEL after his address that he was surprised by the small amount of money available for the budget.

"All we would do was Wilmington would ask for...we'd help them with like public safety and things of that nature, and I never paid attention to the large numbers, but when they needed things for police and fire, I would go to the bond bill and get things for them," says Williams.

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Williams has proposed a budget of about $147 million for Fiscal Year 2014.

"When I found out that the budget was only about $100-some million dollars, I was like, 'Wow we should be able to fix this,' but it seems like with the less money you have, the more difficulty of getting things done," says Williams.

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