Corbett's liquor store law change will be uphill battle

By Tom Lehman 12:26am, March 23, 2013 - Updated 6:14am, March 23, 2013
With a the passage of a bill privatizing the sale of wine and liquor in Pennsylvania having cleared the state house Thursday, more than 600 state-operated liquor stores could be phased out under the Republican-backed measure.

Dr. Terry Madonna, Director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs and professor at Franklin and Marshall College, tells WDEL's Afternoon News that the Republican-backed bill might face tougher opposition in the Senate.

"There are Republicans who are talking about sort of modernizing the system, meaning keep the current system but do more with flexible hours, do more with online sales," Madonna says.

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He says the bill's passage will be critical for Gov. Corbitt, who will need to make sure Republican Senators support the bill.

"There are 27 Republicans, you need 26 votes in Pennsylvania for the Senate to pass a bill on final passage. He cannot lose two Senators," he says.

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