Unemployment rate rises slightly in Delaware

By Tom Lehman 12:38am, March 23, 2013
Officials with the Delaware Department of Labor say the most recent monthly labor review is a mixed bag as the unemployment rate rose by a tenth to 7.2 percent.

"The business survey side is showing job growth over the year, although there was a loss of 600 jobs reported from January to February, but that follow very strong growth in January, so overall jobs are up," says George Sharpley, the department's Chief of Labor Information.

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Sharpley says the combination of higher unemployment with net job growth over the last year isn't surprising as discouraged workers--who aren't considered unemployed--begin searching for a job again.

"People become a little encouraged and start looking for work again thinking the chances might be better to find a job. When that happens the job goes up, because now they're considered unemployed at the same time the economy is adding jobs," he says.

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