GRAPHIC Roadkill creates CSI experience for students

By Amy Cherry 9:56pm, March 26, 2013 - Updated 12:07pm, March 27, 2013
WDEL's Amy Cherry has the story.
Roadkill creates a "CSI" experience for high school students in the Colonial School District.

WDEL's Amy Cherry has more on an innovative way to learn in this week's WDEL Delaware EducationWatch.

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Roadkill becomes a classroom tool at William Penn High School.

Fortunately, the dead deer, named Bambi, isn't actually IN the classroom. She's being kept outside as part of a mock crime scene, for students to get that real life "CSI" experience.

"Some of the students have been a little creeped out by it and other students cannot get enough of what we are doing," says science teacher Frank Lusch.

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Lusch never thought he'd be using a dead deer to teach teens about forensic science. He wants his students to know a crime scene is dynamic.

"There's going to be a whole host of different factors after: what role animals, what role insects might play, what role people, what role weather might play to get an idea of when a time of death takes place and the possible manner of death," explains Lusch.

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When we got there, Bambi had been dragged 40 feet and eaten up quite a bit by turkey vultures. Kobe Baker, who's in the class was surprised.

"Bambi's been dead for about a week, and it's been torn apart. there's really not much left for the insects's only been a week. I thought it would take close to a month to be there," says Baker.

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Students are taking photos and studying decomposition, Lusch hopes for the next month.

"...Provided there's any left of Bambi to be studied, the deterioration of Bambi has exceeded our expectations," Lusch says.

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