Volunteers fan out to count frogs in Delaware

By Mellany Armstrong 2:00pm, March 27, 2013 - Updated 5:32am, March 28, 2013
American bullfrog
Finally, spring is here. And some people are spending this season of love in a dark and noisy way - they are counting frogs.

WDEL's Mellany Armstrong explains.

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Ahhh, the sound of spring. It's a sound state wildlife biologist Holly Niederriter loves. She coordinates volunteers for the Delaware Amphibian Monitoring Program.

"They are driving around to specific locations where they stop and listen for frogs," she said.

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About 50 volunteers fan out to wetlands at least three times from now until the end of June, and they listen for leopard frogs, spring peepers, bullfrogs and the rest of the 16 species in Delaware.

"There are a couple that can be a little bit confusing that sound really similar to each other, but we have a training CD that we give people, and once you listen to it a few times, most people get the hang of it pretty quickly," she said.

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The count will help determine whether frog populations are going up or down in Delaware. Learn more by clicking here.

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