Car ripped in half in police pursuit

By Amy Cherry/Chris Carl 12:31pm, March 28, 2013 - Updated 5:05pm, March 28, 2013
WDEL's Chris Carl talks with an eyewitness to the crash.
A police pursuit ends in a horrific crash, sending three people to the hospital.

Wilmington Police say they were pursuing Leon Wilson of Wilmington for a traffic violation in a high-speed chase down Pennsylvania Avenue, when his black Acura ran a red light at Greenhill Avenue and then plowed into a pick-up truck.

Andrew Bruce of Newark witnessed the whole thing.

"Fellow was just flying up the road here, hit this white truck, proceeded across the intersection, split in half as it hit the poll, front end of the car ended up about 20 feet from where the back of the car ended up," says Bruce.

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He explains what happened next.

"Two gents jumped out, and were very disoriented and tried to run. By that time, the police were here," he says.

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Bruce tells WDEL it was unlike anything he'd ever seen.

"Stuff started flying everywhere and stuff's breaking. It's just, it was a mess. It was pretty ugly, very ugly, and violent is what it was," he says.

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Wilson and the elderly man behind the wheel were treated and released from Christiana Hospital. Wilson's passenger had to be medevaced by to Christiana, where he remains in stable condition.

Charges are being filed against Wilson, who's an probationer with an active warrant for his arrest.

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