Del. Senate approves Markell tax increases

By Randall Chase, Associated Press 6:00pm, March 28, 2013 - Updated 8:13am, March 29, 2013
The state Senate has approved Gov. Markell's proposals to make several recession-era tax increases permanent.

The Senate passed all four bills Thursday on party-line votes, with no Republicans voting for them. The measures needed the approval of all 13 Democrats to achieve the required three-fifths majority.

The bills passed the House last week on similar party-line votes, with only one Democrat voting against them. They now go to Markell for his signature.

Republicans say the bills are premature and renege on assurances made in 2009 that the tax increases would expire after four years.

The bills keep corporate franchise, personal income, and gross receipts taxes on most businesses at higher levels than four years ago. The estate tax revived in 2009 also would be made permanent.

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