Mayor Williams and Wilmington celebrate Easter

By Gianna Banner 4:54pm, March 30, 2013 - Updated 4:57pm, March 30, 2013
Video: Easter egg hunt, activities and interviews
Saturday morning Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams teamed up with De-Lead to host their First Annual Community Children's Easter Egg Hunt at William "Hicks" Anderson Community Center.

WDEL's Gianna Banner has more.

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The Easter egg hunt was separated into older and younger groups to ensure that each kid was able to fill up their baskets and bags.

Children of all ages kept their eyes open for the golden eggs, where inside they were guaranteed special prizes such as movie tickets and toys.

Mayor Williams told WDEL about the pleasantly surprised kids he witnessed at the event.

"Well when the kids that found the golden eggs, they really lit up like a Christmas tree, and they all enjoyed themselves. They were running up the hill and grabbing the eggs and they were happy and smiling, and that's what kids are supposed to do; be happy and not worry about anything being done to them and just living life and enjoying life," said Williams.

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After the hunt was over, kids and parents filed into the community center, where they could enjoy arts, games, activities, music, food, and moon bounces put together by several volunteers.

11-year-old, Mariyhan Skinner, told WDEL that she collected about 35 eggs.

"It was fun, and I say it was fun because

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a lot of people trying to get the eggs and see who got the golden egg," said Skinner.

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De-Lead sponsored the event and was on hand to express the dangers of lead in homes to parents, they also received information from the fire department about safety. An anti-smoking campaign was present along with recycling and community cleaning.

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