IRS warns of bogus tax preparers in Del.

By Chris Carl 3:12pm, April 8, 2013
If you're in a rush to get your taxes done before next week's deadline, don't fall victim to a scam.

The IRS is warning you against a tax scam that has resurfaced in Delaware involving people posing as tax preparers and luring victims in by promising large refunds.

IRS officials say the scammers mainly target low-income and non-English speaking people....and they look legit - some even operating out of a store front.

Victims are promised large refunds and are asked to provide their personal and financial information, which is then used to file a false claim with the IRS, sometimes without the victim even knowing what was filed.

Taxpayers are responsible for what's on their returns - even if they're prepared by someone else - and can be penalized for filing a false claim.

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