Low cost flights, changes coming to New Castle Airport

By Amy Cherry 12:44pm, April 9, 2013 - Updated 1:33pm, April 9, 2013
Daniel Shurz, VP of Frontier Airlines talks about their new service out of New Castle Airport while WDEL's Amy Cherry talks with the airport director about the changes that are coming.
You can catch your first Frontier flight out of New Castle Airport starting July 1st.

WDEL's Amy Cherry has details.

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Look for low cost fares to Frontier's five destinations, including $49 one-way to Tampa, $59 to Orlando $69 to Chicago and Houston, and $99 one-way to Denver.

Daniel Shurz, Vice President of Frontier Airlines, says convenience will be key.

"If all people know is flying through Philadelphia, then they don't realize how much easier travel can be," says Shurz.

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Shurz says that's Frontier's goal: to make travel easier for you.

"We're very excited to be the only commercial airline in Delaware, that's a nice side benefit, but we're very excited because there's a lot of people in this region who will benefit from this service," Shurz explains.

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Steven Williams, Airport Director, tells WDEL they won't be adding any runways, but crews will make minor improvements at a low cost to add conveniences.

"We're improving our airport parking. Auto parking is one of the key things that would make this service and the customers happy at this airport, and we're making some minor improvements to amenities inside the terminal," says Williams.

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Williams says parking will be free, at least for a little while as service starts and promises...

"It will be a lower cost to park than at Philadelphia," he says.

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Frontier did not receive any state or local incentives for adding service to the New Castle Airport, and Williams says the airport won't be adding any runways or impacting local businesses either.

"This is just really the airline taking advantage of what's already here," he says.

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But he says Delaware will definitely notice the economic benefits, including more jobs, since Frontier is basing a plane at the New Castle Airport.

"Flight crews, ground handling, fueling, catering, the range of the hotels will benefit. There will be a significant multiplier effect and economic impact from this airline's presence in Delaware," Williams says.

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He says Frontier's service will be great for Delawareans.

"Every day, thousands of people pass by the front door of the airport without using the airport, and this gives us that first time, that opportunity to really go to unique destinations in the United States, and most importantly, at a fare that most people want," says Williams.

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You have until April 20th to book your fares at Frontier's low introductory rates.

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