Christina alters RTTT grant request

By Jim Hilgen 11:57pm, April 9, 2013 - Updated 9:07am, April 10, 2013
Excerpts from floor discussion of RTTT amendment proposal
With the state threatening to withhold $2.3 million in Race to the Top grant money, the Christina School Board has revamped its application.

The amended application asks for $750,000 that the superintendent says will go directly into district schools.

However, school board member George Evans says the district needs to maximize the amount of money it will have available to teach the kids.

"Why we can not come up with the appropriate plan that has the criteria of the federal government and that of the state to place these teachers where they are most needed is a shocker to me." says Evans.

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The lone representative of Wilmington on the board, Evans was also the lone dissenting vote.

Board member John Young believes the incentive program is misguided.

"The plan that the state is proposing has absolutely zero research based evidence to suggest that giving $20,000 to teachers will lure, attract or retain them." Young says.

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The battle between the Department of Education in Dover and the Christina board began over differences in how a teacher incentive program is to be administered.

Under the state's criteria $20 thousand will be used in each district school over the next two years to reward teachers rated "highly effective."

The district wants to devote a thousand dollars for teachers rated "effective."

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