Industry expert: Frontier faces challenges

By Tom Lehman 8:21pm, April 10, 2013 - Updated 1:01pm, April 11, 2013
(Photo/AP File)
An aviation industry expert says Frontier Airlines, who announced they would begin running flights out of New Castle Airport Tuesday, will face some challenges.

"They're owned by Republic, which operates some regional carriers, and Republic is pretty well viewed as trying to sell Frontier, so it's not a strong position," says Jim Asker is the Executive Editor of Aviation Week.

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However, Asker says there are some encouraging aspects of the move, such as Frontier's choice of destinations including Chicago-Midway, Denver, Houston, Tampa and Orlando. He says it shows the airline may be trying to take advantage of some niche markets.

"That suggests this is something they may stick with for a while and try to prove out the economic case for it," he says.

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He also says it could also play to the airline's favor that it won't rely on government funds.

Frontier will be the first airline to operate out of New Castle Airport since 2008, when Skybus ceased operations in April of that year.

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