Coons weighs in on budget, background checks bill

By Tom Lehman 11:46pm, April 10, 2013 - Updated 12:56pm, April 11, 2013
Senator Coons speaks about President Obama's budget proposal and a bill that would expand background checks.

Coons says the $20 million included in the President's budget proposal for the continuation of a project to deepen the Delaware River is a positive investment.

Coons tells WDEL that increased traffic on the Delaware River will benefit the Port of Wilmington, despite concerns that it will only boost Philadelphia's port operations.

"I think it's entirely possible for this to be a positive for both ports, for us to find a way that both Wilmington and Philadelphia and Wilmington will benefit from the increased capacity of the Delaware River," Coons says.

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He believes the project will help the growth of import operations at the Port of Wilmington and hopes for the expansion of export operations in the future.

Senator Coons also discussed an agreement for a bill to expand background checks, which was partially drafted by Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey.

"I believe this means we're going to be able to get a vote to the floor on a number of different bills that would allow us to provide more resources for mental healthcare, broader criminal background checks to make sure guns aren't getting into the hands of those who shouldn't have them and stronger anti-trafficking laws and enforcement of those laws," he says.

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He says the compromise will help in the national effort to decrease gun violence.

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