Come name the otters at the Brandywine Zoo

By Jim Hilgen/Amy Cherry 6:10pm, April 18, 2013 - Updated 12:05pm, April 20, 2013
A popular attraction is returning to the Brandywine Zoo this weekend.

Two male North American River Otters have taken up residence and the public will be able to see them beginning Saturday.

Zoo director Nancy Falasco says the otters are making themselves at home.

"They were not used to being around a lot of people, but our zoo keepers are working with them every day bringing them food treats. So they're warming up to everybody," says Falasco.

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She says zoo patrons will be able to vote on one of several sets of names for the playful guys.

"The sets are Red and Hudson, Cisco and Wally and Timber and Clark," Falasco says.

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She says the four-year-old river otters will reside in the dedicated exhibit with an underwater window and observation bridge so visitors can watch the antics of the playful otters.

The newcomers fill the spots held by Star and Jester, two otters that previously lived at the Brandywine Zoo.

Both lived long lives and passed away of natural causes due to old age.

Visitors Saturday can help name the otters. For just a dollar, folks can vote on the following pair of names: Red and Hudson; Sisqo and Wally; and Timber and Clark.

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