Newark residents want traffic issues resolved

By Joe Irizarry 12:52am, April 24, 2013
Traffic congestion in Newark is a main concern for residents as city officials move forward with its comprehensive development plan.

WDEL's Joe Irizarry has more.

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Transportation was the focus at Tuesday's workshop as residents heard presentations about the proposed new train station and the city's bicycle plan.

But traffic was the main issue as residents are concerned about congestion in the city caused in part by UD students.

Newark resident Marilyn Gleber was among the residents wanting the university to restrict all Freshmen and Sophomores from having cars on campus.

"They can get around, you heard the busses, and the trains, and the bicycles, that there are means of transportation. That these students don't have to have a car to be mobile here in Newark," Gleber says.

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Michael Fortner is the Development Supervisor for Newark's Planning Department, and he says the proposed new train station will help alleviate some traffic congestion.

"There's a lot of employees that might live in Philadelphia or Baltimore or somewhere in between that can utilize this too. We're a city, and we need different kinds of transportation modes to function well," Fortner says.

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Fortner adds city officials are always working with residents about other ways to get around the area other than using a car.

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