Top NCCo official: I'm the victim here

By Peter MacArthur 5:52am, April 24, 2013 - Updated 9:07am, April 24, 2013
New Castle County's Chief Administrative Officer Dave Grimaldi says he didn't start the fight with a Wilmington funeral director in a restaurant earlier this month.
Grimaldi tells WDEL's Rick Jensen Show that his altercation with Carl Arcaro at Pastabilities occurred after Arcaro used racial slurs to describe those who were being hired by County Executive Tom Gordon.

"That's not something that I would tolerate in my presence. I told him to shut up. He really did aggravate me, and that is when he stood up and advanced toward me, and it must be noted, and this also is sort of missing from the story. I was the victim. I was the only one who sustained an injury."

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According to a police report, Alfred Izquierdo, a witness and former Wilmington cop, says Grimaldi was bitten on the hand by Arcaro when he put his hand out to defensively stop the funeral director from coming closer to him. Grimaldi says he punched Arcaro in self-defense after he was bitten, which is also reflected in Izquierdo's testimony in the report.

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