Lawyer: Philly abortion clinic no 'house of horrors'

By Maryclaire Dale, Associated Pres 3:45pm, April 29, 2013
Dr. Gosnell's shuttered West Philadelphia abortion clinic (AP Photo)
A lawyer for a Philadelphia abortion doctor on trial for murder says the description of his former clinic as a "house of horrors" is a "political press fabrication."

Defense attorney Jack McMahon said during closing arguments Monday that pictures don't lie and showed photographs of a relatively neat waiting room and other areas in Dr. Kermit Gosnell's clinic.

Gosnell is charged with killing four babies allegedly born alive and in the overdose death of a 41-year-old patient.

McMahon says he's not backing down from his opening remarks that the case is an elitist and racist prosecution against Gosnell, who is black.

McMahon says the clinic wasn't perfect but it wasn't the criminal enterprise that prosecutors claim. The district attorney called it a "house of horrors."

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