Task force to study school starting after Labor Day

By Amy Cherry 12:32pm, May 6, 2013 - Updated 3:10pm, May 6, 2013
Delaware lawmakers examine a move that would extend students' summer vacation season.

WDEL's Amy Cherry explains.

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A task force will study moving the state date for all public schools until after Labor Day.

State Sen. Gerald Hocker says the move would benefit Delaware economically.

"It would open up more jobs for these local, mainly high school students, for work. Many businesses in resort areas won't hire, if they don't sign an agreement that they will work through Labor Day," says Sen. Hocker.

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The Ocean View Republican owns grocery and hardware stores downstate and says he faces this problem each summer.

"I would much rather hire my local students, but most of them would leave like mid-August and it would almost more less kill your full-time help the last two weeks of the summer season," he says.

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He's not anticipating too much pushback since time spent in the classroom wouldn't be affected.

"This study doesn't ask them to cut any of the mandated days," he says.

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Maryland has passed a similar law that's generated $4 million in added revenue.

The task force's recommendations are due early next year.

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