Bail reform bill to be heard by committee Wednesday

By Tom Lehman 10:50pm, May 7, 2013
One of Wilmington's State Senators is supporting a constitutional amendment to expand the list of crimes that bail can be denied.

Senator Bobby Marshall is sponsoring the bill, which would allow prosecutors to petition judges to deny bail for those charged with certain felony offenses.

"We're living through a significantly higher rate of violent crime and drugs and we have an opportunity now to give the prosecutor and the police in their work to prevent crime that will hopefully make Delaware more safe," Marshall.

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Attorney General Beau Biden supports the proposal.

"We want to change our constitution for me to at least to petition the court to allow that person to be detained and for a judge to make an assessment whether or not I've demonstrated that a person poses a risk of flight or danger to the community," Biden says.

"That's what we need, that's what we used to have, we need it again to fight crime in this state."

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The bill is set to be heard by committee Wednesday.

Constitutional amendments are required to be passed by two consecutive General Assemblies.

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