PA State Police bust Pennsylvanians for buying booze in Delaware

By Amy Cherry/Allan Loudell 1:02pm, May 30, 2013 - Updated 1:06pm, May 30, 2013
Pennsylvanians buying cheaper booze across the state line in Delaware get busted.

Pennsylvania State Police conducted an undercover sting operation over the holiday weekend at two Claymont liquor stores and nabbed three people for transporting alcohol across state lines.

Chris Freind, independent Delaware Valley columnist, says the move, presumably ordered by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett is certainly controversial.

"Nobody should be doing this anyway because if nothing else, we have other priorities in Pennsylvania, a lot of other priorities, and we shouldn't be going into neighboring states, and I'm not even sure that Delaware knows that we're doing this, nailing people for avoiding what is a whopping 18-percent Johnstown flood tax on their alcohol," says Freind.

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Freind says the move is bad for business in Delaware.

"This puts a damper on all Delaware businesses that are selling ya know, alcohol, wine, beer in legal commerce in Delaware. It's not illegal to purchase that if you're a Pennsylvania resident. It has nothing to do with that, so when Pennsylvania troopers are coming into Delaware undercover..." says Freind.

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Freind says the potential privatization of liquor sales in Pennsylvania wouldn't solve the problem either.

"They do not take away that 18 percent Johnstown flood tax, on top of which you have the six percent Pennsylvania sales tax, so prices will remain where they are, and I think in many experts' opinion, including mine, the prices will go higher, if they do not take that out when they privatize, so you're going to have just as many people, if not more, flocking to the border states like Delaware to buy their alcohol," he says.

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In the sting operation, Pennsylvania State Police seized 17 cases of beer and 10 cases of wine.

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