Delaware's rate of Lyme Disease extremely high

By Amy Cherry 6:36pm, June 12, 2013
(Photo courtesy of DHSS)
While mosquitos are a concern with all the recent rain and standing water, Delaware also has the highest rate per capita of Lyme Disease in the nation.

Dr. Awe Maduka-Ezeh, the state's Public Health Medical Director,
tells WDEL there's many reasons for the tick influx in the state.

"We have all the parks and the forest. We also have a large population of deer, and these are the natural hosts for these ticks," she says.

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She adds there's a common misconception that only outdoor enthusiasts get Lyme Disease.

"It's just not those who are out hiking. You can catch it right in your home, and even your pets when they go out to play and come in, can actually bring the ticks into the house with them. The fact that you do not go out hiking does not mean that you're not potentially exposed," she says.

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