Senate GOP calls for one percent spending cut

By Mark Fowser 1:16pm, June 14, 2013
Republicans in the State Senate say state spending can be cut safely without a heavy impact on the state's work force.

State Senator Brian Pettyjohn, R-Georgetown, tells our sister station, Delaware 105-9, that spending reductions are a much better option than increasing the gas tax, motor vehicle fees, or highway tolls.

"We don't want the police, the teachers, DelDOT workers to shoulder the brunt of a one-percent cut, so we're asking them to look in contractors, look in spending for supplies, and cut everything one-percent across the board first," says Sen. Pettyjohn

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Governor Markell's administration circulated the revenue-raising ideas this week, but now the Governor says it's unlikely they will be considered or implemented before lawmakers adjourn in two weeks.

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