Coons discusses NSA surveillance, Syria on WDEL

By Tom Lehman 5:45pm, June 14, 2013 - Updated 10:21pm, June 14, 2013
Senator Coons speaks with WDEL about the controversy surrounding the NSA's surveillance tactics and President Obama's support to directly support Syrian rebels.

Coons tells Delaware's Afternoon News his position falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to the debate over security vs. privacy.

"I think we can and should be both secure and free from unreasonable government intrusion into our communications and Congress ought to be acting as that reasonable counterweight," Coons says.

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He says Edward Snowden, the former CIA contract employee who leaked top-secret documents about NSA surveillance programs clearly broke the law--even as a whistleblower--and wishes the issue could have come to light through other means.

Coons also says the Obama Administration's decision to provide direct military aid to Syrian rebels is a direction he's supported since last year.

He says the U.S. can't necessarily control who ends up in charge of Syria, but the American government should still support the rebels.

"What we do know is

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, who is currently waging a war against his own people, has demonstrated his willingness to use ballistic missles, scud missles, to use chemical weapons to kill innocent civilians in significant numbers," Coons says.

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He supports the President's decision, which comes after U.S. Intelligence agencies concluded the Syrian government was using chemical weapons against their own people.

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