Congressman Carney participates in SNAP challenge

By Jessica Guay 7:33pm, June 21, 2013 - Updated 9:18pm, June 21, 2013
WDEL's Jessica Guay reports.
Congressman John Carney and 25 of his fellow legislators take the SNAP challenge to learn more about families suffering from hunger.

Carney is living off $4.50 per day on meals this week to draw attention to the proposed cuts to SNAP in the Farm Bill, which he voted against on Thursday.

"The proposal was for a $20 billion cut in those programs and those of us frankly who did the challenge and others believe that was just too deeply a cut for the most vulnerable citizens that we represent," says Carney.

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Carney also helped distribute fresh fruits and vegetables to families affected by hunger at the St. Patrick's Center Friday.

Wilmington resident Althea Wilson says she's thankful for the program.

"I'm just glad God blessed us with this program because I don't really have much of an income to live, you know, through the social services program," says Wilson.

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The St. Patrick's Center distributes fresh fruits and vegetables every Thursday and Friday.

"When they're given away here at St. Patrick's, people who may be on food stamps or SNAP benefits, have an opportunity to get really nutritious and good, good for you, food as part of their weekly budget," says Carney.

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SNAP limits participants to a budget of $31.50 a week. Carney is living off that budget this week to draw attention to program.

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