Del. OKs rent justification for manufactured homes

By Randall Chase, Associated Press 3:34pm, June 25, 2013 - Updated 9:57am, June 26, 2013
The state Senate has given final approval to a bill restricting the ability of manufactured home park owners to raise lot rents.

The Senate approved the bill Tuesday 18 to 2 after rejecting an amendment exempting out-of-state residents with vacation homes in Delaware from its protections.

"I'm just real happy with this bill passing today especially for the tens of thousands of Delawareans who live in manufactured home communities and have been worried for along time about rent increases they may not be able to afford."

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That's State Senator Brian Bushweller.

The bill requires park owners to obtain state approval for rent increases that exceed the average annual increase in the Consumer Price Index for urban consumers in the Philadelphia-Wilmington area for the preceding three years.

If a park owner can't demonstrate that the rent increase is justified and directly related to operating, maintaining or improving the manufactured home community, the Delaware Manufactured Authority would deny the request. If the authority believes the costs have exceeded the C-P-I, it would determine an appropriate increase.

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