Governor signs new budget into law

By Peter MacArthur 5:17am, July 1, 2013 - Updated 3:04pm, July 1, 2013
Gov. Markell discusses the end of the legislative session. (Courtesy of Gov. Markell's Facebook page)
Governor Markell has signed a new and balanced budget into law in Delaware.

It happened early Monday morning as lawmakers looked on.

The governor says the session took aim at job creation and sought reforms in education and public safety.

Gov. Markell introduced a package of five gun control measures, the permanent extension of four "temporary" tax hikes enacted in 2009, the legalization of same-sex marriage, the enactment of a law to protect transgender people from discrimination, and an attempt to repeal the state’s death penalty.

State House Minority Leader Danny Short said this is the most contentious session he’s seen during his time at Legislative Hall.

"I thought the session was more philosophical and social issues as it was substance and the economy, which is probably what it should have been all about," said Short.

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The General Assembly did send a measure to Markell that establishes a permanent framework for legalized charitable gaming using slot machines at certain veterans’ clubs and fraternal organizations.

The budget signed into law by the governor is broken down into three parts; a $3.7 billion operating budget, a $477 million capital spending plan and just under $45 million, which provides funding for non-profits working in Delaware.

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