Bail bill passes Senate

By Peter MacArthur 9:54am, July 1, 2013 - Updated 3:02pm, July 1, 2013
Delaware judges would eventually have the power to hold suspects charged with the state's most serious felonies without bail under legislation that cleared the Senate Sunday.

Senators voted 19-2 to approve the first leg of Wilmington Democratic Senator Bobby Marshall's proposed constitutional amendment even though getting the amendment okayed took three tries.

Marshall says it was worth it.

"All of Delaware won a significant victory today regarding public safety. Judges will be able to keep chronic, violent criminals off our streets, rather than achieve cash bail and being able to go out on the streets again and commit the same type of violent crime. The judge will have the discretion to keep that offender behind bars."

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One of the keys to Senate approval was an amendment that would require trials for people held without bail to take place within 120 days.

The amendment, which must pass two consecutive legislatures, likely will not be considered by the House until next year

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