Markell looks back on busy GA session

By Tom Lehman 11:01pm, July 5, 2013
Governor Markell delivers his weekly address
Governor Markell looks back at this year's session of the General Assembly in his latest weekly address.

Markell says the state legislature has been busy over the past several months.

"Laws passed this year will better prepare our teachers, simplify school choice for families and increase accountability for charter schools," Markell says. "To further our commitment to the safety of all Delawareans, we removed the private sale loophole that allowed anyone to buy a gun without a background check. And we required reporting of lost and stolen weapons."

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Markell also says Delaware has made great strides in equality, with lawmakers passing laws during this last session to legalize same-sex marriage and outlaw gender discrimination.

Governor Markell delivers his weekly address:

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