Closed hearing in former candidate's sex case ends without ruling

By Joe Irizarry 2:43pm, July 8, 2013
Eric Bodenweiser (WDEL/File)
An evidence suppression hearing in the case against former State Senate candidate Eric Bodenweiser will continue in August.
A judge opened the hearing today (Monday) in Georgetown.
It was held behind closed doors at the request of Bodenweiser’s attorney, Joe Hurley
"An oblique, unique evidentiary issue arose in the context of the hearing that was not anticipated by anyone present, and therefore, I asked that we adjourn today so that the appropriate legal research could be maintained and given to the court so the court could be guided in making the correct decision," says Hurley.

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Hurley would not discuss the nature of the evidence, and Bodenweiser left the courthouse without comment.
Bodenweiser suspended his campaign last fall shortly after winning the Republican primary.
He was later charged with sex-related crimes for alleged offenses dating back more than two decades involving an alleged victim who was a boy at the time.

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