Kids attempt to break hula hoop world record

By Lauren LiBetti 7:54pm, July 10, 2013 - Updated 8:14am, July 11, 2013
WDEL's Lauren LiBetti reports.
Delaware YMCA campers come close to breaking the world record for largest hula hoop workout.

Tiffany Miles is the Child Care Director at Sussex Family YMCA and she led the exercises. Miles says the record is 407 hula hoopers and today, they had over 450.

"We did bus driver motions, we did jumping jacks. We did regular hula hoop, and we did around the neck for a few seconds," Miles said.

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Participants have to be counted twice, as they enter and as they leave the hula hoop area.

Kevin Conte, CFO at YMCA of Delaware, says an official fell ill while counting the kids exiting.

"Guinness requires that you have to pre-approve the individual so we couldn't just switch someone to put in their place. We know we had more than enough people in there to get the record, but unfortunately we couldn't do it officially," Conte said.

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However, the kids didn't seem to mind. Miles says the record breaking attempt is just one activity in today's annual camp celebration.

"We have our moon bounces, we have our water slides, we have pool time, we have games. We just get together as a whole YMCA Delaware unit," Miles said.

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Conte says they may try to break the record again next year.

"The kids had a great time and regardless of how it ended, they were all happy and smiling," Conte said.

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