'Balloon Boy' brings his metal band to Newark

By Mellany Armstrong 11:59am, July 11, 2013 - Updated 5:33am, July 12, 2013
The kid made famous in the 'Balloon Boy' hoax brings his metal band to Newark.

WDEL's Mellany Armstrong reports they played at Mojo on Main Thursday night.

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Three and a half years after his father claimed he had floated away in a homemade balloon in Colorado, 10-year-old Falcon Heene and his brothers say they are the world's youngest metal band.

"I play the bass and sing lead vocals, and my brother Ryo, he's on the drums and he's 12 years old. And my brother Bradford, he's on guitar and he's 13 years old," Falcon says.

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The boys have been playing together since Falcon was 6.

"My dad tells everyone it's sort of a mix between Iron Maiden ... and Heart," said Falcon.

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The brothers are working on their second album.

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