Cyber security camp highlights national shortage

By Jessica Guay 8:40pm, July 12, 2013
WDEL's Jessica Guay reports:
Students from Delaware universities learn how to hack and defend computer systems during a week long cyber camp.

Delaware is one of four states to host the U.S. Cyber Challenge Camp and forty-seven students graduated from the program on Friday.

The camp ended with a competition where students defended computer networks from hackers in real-life cyber security scenarios.

Mark Hufe, the Director of Wilmington University's Center for Cyber Security, says there's a need for professionals in this particular field.

"There's a need for really skilled cyber security professionals that's not being filled. In 2009, it was estimated there were about 1,000 really good cyber security professionals in the country and we needed more between 10,000 and 30,000."

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Program organizers say employers nationwide face extreme shortages of cyber security experts with strong skill sets.

The camp is intended to find bright students with the crucial skills needed to excel in the cyber security workforce.

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