DE Arts Showcase: Friends of Folk

By Carl Kanefsky 8:03am, July 16, 2013
Supporting folk music and folk musicians is the goal of one local organization.

WDEL's Carl Kanefsky tells you which one, in your WDEL Delaware Arts Showcase.

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For the better part of the last two decades, the art of folk music has gotten local support from an organization formed by the people who create it, according to member Jim McGiffin.

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"It was started by a group of Kent County folk musicians who decided that if they organized their efforts to promote folk music and acoustic in the area, that they'd have more success than if they just went about on their individual efforts to do that," according to McGiffin.

He says the group provides entertainment for fans of folk music, but also tries to provide an outlet for local musicians looking to perform.

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"We have a regular schedule of programs and we try and bring in acts of regional or national, or sometimes even international significance, but we also try to make the stage available to local folks," he says.

So despite performances including ethnic music from around the globe, as well as blues and jazz artists, Jim says defining folk music can be rather simple.

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"My definition of folk music is Louis Armstrong's definition, which is music played by folks."

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