Home brewers go head-to-head at the State Fair

By Amy Cherry 12:18pm, July 18, 2013 - Updated 12:26pm, July 18, 2013
The home brewing boom takes center stage at the Delaware State Fair.

WDEL's Amy Cherry explains.

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100 of those best home brews will be judged by beer connoisseurs Saturday at the State Fair.

"Everyone's always searching for the perfect beer, even if you've made a perfect beer in the past."

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That's why Dan Woodall, a chemist with the state Agriculture Department and a home brewer himself created the Battle of the Brews competition three years ago.

"Delaware didn't really have any outlet for their home brewers to get their beer judged in a professional manner," says Woodall.

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Now, beer makers have a chance to show off their suds.

"It's definitely a labor of love because there's a little bit of time invested in it, but it's all worth it, when you get to crack open that first homebrew of the batch and see what you've made," he says.

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Beers are judged by style, and then all the first place winners, the IPA, the Porter, the Hefenweizen and so on, will go up against each other for Best of Show, a $250 prize.

"It's really a meeting of the minds, and it's fairly easy for them to find the standout beer. there's always one that shines," he says.

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