Woman swims to safety following bridge crash

By Mark Fowser 11:26am, July 23, 2013 - Updated 2:44pm, July 23, 2013
The Chesapeake Bay Bridge
A woman whose car was hit by a truck and knocked clear off the Bay Bridge says she survived by sheer determination.

But Morgan Lake says she had her doubts, especially as the water rose as her vehicle sank last Friday night.

"My eyes were closed. the car was sinking faster than I expected," says Lake.

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Then, her mouth filled with water.

"I felt the drowning sensation. I felt that I was drowning, and I didn't want to," she says.

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The 22-year-old woman survived by swimming toward some rocks.

No charges have been filed in connection with the accident although investigators were considering a re-enactment of the incident.

Meantime, AAA Mid-Atlantic is calling an investigation into the safety of barriers on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge after the crash.

In a letter, AAA spokesman Lon Anderson says the crash raises questions about whether the bridge's restraint system failed, whether it met federal specification or if those specifications may not be adequate for this kind of crash.

The Maryland Transportation Authority says engineers found no structural damage from this crash at the scene. Authority police and Maryland State Police are investigating the crash and the authority says it welcomes NTSB involvement and insight.

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