Carney defends vote on NSA phone record collection amendment

By Tom Lehman 4:31pm, July 25, 2013
Congressman John Carney (D)/WDEL File.
Just a day after the U.S. House narrowly voted down the amendment to to curb the NSA's mass collection of phone records, Congressman Carney weighs in on his vote against the measure on WDEL.

Carney says he thinks the amendment went too far.

"It would have completely shut the program down," Carney says. "There was a lot of debate on the floor about whether it would have done that or not. Clearly I was convinced by the classified briefings that we had that it would have shut it down just by the structure of it."

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However, Carney does acknowledge that something needs to be done to address Americans' concerns over the issue of privacy violation.

The amendment was defeated in the U.S. House by a 217 to 205 vote yesterday.

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