DATE: Seaford man arrested for impersonating officer

By Tom Lehman 4:43pm, July 26, 2013
A Seaford man is accused of impersonating a police officer.

The state Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement says Franckel Desir was arrested in Camden on Thursday after a vehicle stop.

The agency says Desir pulled onto the shoulder and drove through a red light at the intersection of Route 13 and Lockmeath Way, which led to the officer pulling him over.

A bystander told the agent that Desir was allegedly driving erratically, driving vehicles off the road and using flashing emergency lights and a siren.

The agency says Desir is a member of the NYPD Auxiliary but isn't authorized to identify himself as an officer out of state.

He was incarcerated in the Sussex County Correctional Institution on $754 secured bail.

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