NBA legend Dr. J supports Christiana's latest partnership

By Lauren LiBetti 5:10pm, July 31, 2013 - Updated 6:01pm, July 31, 2013
Christiana Care partners with CORD:USE, a cord blood bank with supporters such as NBA legend, Dr. J.
Christiana Care Hospital partners with a leading cord blood bank to make the most of what was once considered medical waste.

President of CORD:USE, Ed Guindi, says umbilical cord blood currently treats over 70 diseases like leukemia and lymphoma. Guindi says it possesses even greater potential.

"We're looking at trials for cerebral palsy, trials for MS, lupus, Crohn's disease," Guindi says.

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NBA hall-of-famer "Dr. J" was on-hand, signing basketballs for women who donated their cord blood. His passion for the cause stems from his brother's death of lupus at age 16.

"It became ingrained in my mind and in my heart. As I was able to move through life and have some success, there was the need to give back," Julius Irving says.

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Matt Farrow received the first-ever successful cord blood transplant 25 years ago and wouldn't be alive today without it. The transplant came as a gift from his younger sister who was the perfect match.

Now married with a child, Farrow has reached milestones he never thought possible.

"So it is just a no-brainer to save it, to donate it. However it is, just don't throw it away," Farrow says.

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