New group to provide $$ incentives to spur filmmaking in Del.

By Amy Cherry 7:23pm, August 18, 2013
A new non-profit seeks to see feature films made in Delaware one day.

WDEL's Amy Cherry has the story.

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Bill Page calls the Delaware Valley the perfect place to make a movie.

"We have winter weather; we're close to mountains, if you need to shoot something, you can get to the Poconos pretty easily, so we have all types of terrain," says Page.

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Couple that with low cost and huge economic impact and that's why he and Beverly Kuhn-Moyer started up the Delaware Valley Filmmaking Foundation.

"We're shooting for a target between $500,000 and $600,000 so we can get that first project off the ground," Page says.

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Kuhn-Moyer says they hope to produce a wide range of films.

"Maybe a documentary, a feature film, possibly a short, so we really want to cover a lot of genres," she says.

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The foundation is the product of a failed political movement in Delaware to provide incentives for filmmakers.

"We are actually granting the money as opposed to loaning the money so there's not a filmmaker in the world, who wouldn't want to participate in our program," says

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Kuhn-Moyer explains there's an educational component that goes with their grants.

"The crew, the producer, director, screenwriter, they would all have to allow themselves to be shadowed from film students, filmmakers, so that they can learn the trade," she explains, "So it's not just that we give money to the filmmaker 'great go make your film,' there is another aspect to this, which we find to be very unique."

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